Updated May 21, 2017: The Strawberry You Pick Patch and Farm Market will be open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Strawberries are extremely weather dependent and unpredictable. Please check daily for you pick availability. Thank you!


Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday: 7:30-10:30 am

Monday/Wednesday: 4-7 pm

Strawberry Fest: Saturday, May 27th:  10-3


You can also purchase pre-picked berries at Forest Lakes Farmers Market on Tuesday, 4-7 or at the Farm during the above hours. Please call to confirm availability.

The most current picking times and condition will be listed on our home page blog and  Facebook site, or you can call our hotline at 434.882.6293 for updates.  If we run out of ripe berries during a day when we are picking, we will immediately update our Facebook site.  Please review our list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you prepare for your visit!

Strawberry Picking Farm Rules

Only pick berries in your ASSIGNED row. If you need additional berries, ask to be assigned to a different row.
Do NOT step on the plastic or walk across it. This will weaken the plastic and may damage the irrigation tape.
No running between the rows. You can and will damage both plants and berries.
Younger children MUST be with a supervising adult or responsible older child at ALL times.
Pick all sizes of ripe berries, not just the large ones. There is an additional charge for picking only the premium berries.
No pets or smoking allowed on the Farm at any time.
No bare feet.

Our patch is now located across from the barn so they will be easy to pick!  Please remember that strawberries grow in a field and the field conditions may be uneven and will be muddy after a rain.  Old shoes and old clothing are ideal for Strawberry picking – and so are fashionable rain boots!!  Sunscreen, hats and water are highly recommended as the sun shines brightly on our patch. No pets, please.
Our strawberries remain free of pesticides and herbicides. We supply the containers for you to use during picking (sorry, no carry-in containers are allowed).  A pick your own one quart sells for $5. We also have 4 qt and 8 qt boxes. Berries of these quantities will be charged at $20 for the 4 qt. box (up to 7.5 lbs, if over 7.5 lbs the berries will be charged by weight) and $40 for the 8 quart box (tax included). If available, a pre-picked one quart will be $6; a pre-picked 4 qt. will be $25 and a pre-picked 8 qt. will be $50. We may also have smoothie berries (2nds) available. Be sure to ask!
Current updates will immediately be posted to our Facebook site. We do our best to estimate when we will need to close for the day, but please remember that we do not know how many people will be picking on any given day. It is best to arrive early in the morning on a day when we have announced we will have berries available.
Our crops are very weather dependent, so please monitor our Facebook page or call 434-882-6293 for updates.
We hope you will  join us at Liberty Mills Farm for a farmtastic adventure and delicious strawberries!