Largest Corn Maze East of the Mississippi River!

This week’s calendar:
Thursday & Friday, October 10- 11
1pm – 6 pm
Saturday, October 12
  • All mazes may be entered for the daytime maze from 10 am – 5 pm
  • Flashlight Maze – hole punch maze must be entered by 7:30 pm; trivia maze and story maze must be entered by 8:30 pm. Working flashlight is required to enter the maze.
  • Pumpkin Patch open 10-6
  • Just Dogs & Catering, 10-6
  • Farmacy Food Truck, 10-5


Sunday, October 13

  • All mazes may be entered from 11 am – 5 pm 
  • Pumpkin Patch open 11-6
  • Firefly Food Truck will be at the farm

Monday, October 14

11 am – 6 pm

  • Last maze entrance at 5 pm
  • Pumpkin Patch and Farm Market Open
  • Just Dogs & Catering Food Cart, 11-4
We look forward to your visit with cooler temperatures – you may buy tickets online or directly at the farm when you arrive! 🌽🌽
Aerial View of 2019 Corn Maze

33 Acre Corn Maze in Somerset, VA

See an aerial fly over of our 2019 One Small Step maze.

Although we are the largest Corn Maze east of the Mississippi River, 33 acres, we divide our maze into four (4) separate trails. The first trail takes about 30 minutes to find all our story stations and navigate the paths. Our medium level maze offers great trivia based on the maze theme for the year (Apollo 11 mission in 2019!) and navigation challenges and takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour to complete. Our third level? It may take you 2-3 hours, but the satisfaction of finding all 21 hole punches and finding your way out is absolutely farmtastic!  The fourth level is the mystery maze at the top of the maze. No maps here to guide you, you are on your own! Your daytime maze ticket allows you to complete one or all four maze trails.  All maze times are approximate as it depends on your strategy, sense of adventure and size of your group! Our 2019 Maze is open from September 7-November 11. Please visit Plan Your Visit for a complete calendar. The hay wagon and full activity area are available on weekends beginning the end of September – the hay wagon does not run on weekdays.

Weekend ticket prices are $12 per person for daytime maze admission. Ages 4 and under are always free for the maze. Flashlight Maze Admission is $14 per person ages 13 and up and $12 for ages 5-12. A working flashlight is required for admission to the flashlight maze. A cell phone app is not acceptable. No exceptions. Flashlight mazes are held on Saturday evenings beginning September 21 and on Friday, October 4. See the calendar for details regarding hours and days. Weekday ticket prices are $10 per person. Make plans today for your farmtastic adventure!

It’s never too early to start planning your School Field Trip or Group Outing!  Pick your day and contact us to schedule your trip!


2018 Maze Theme is Dinosaurs!


2017 Aim High Corn Maze

2017 Aim High Corn Maze – Aerial Photo by Skip Degan


2016 - 25 Acre Corn Maze

2016 – 25 Acre Corn Maze – Aerial Photo by Matt Strauss and Steve Roth

Aerial photography by Lynn Dawson and Matthew Strauss

2015 Aerial Photo of Curiouser and Curiouser. Photo by Matt Strauss & Lynn Dawson

Star-Spangled Banner Maze

2014 Aerial photo by Lynn Dawson & Matt Strauss

2013 Corn Maze photo by Lynn Dawson

2012 Corn Maze Aerial photo by Lynn Dawson

2011 Conceived in Liberty Maze

2011 Corn Maze Aerial Photo by Bruce Southall

2010 aerial photo by Bruce Southall