The Corn Maze is planted!

Our first corn maze is planted.  20 acres in Somerset, Virginia with awesome views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We decided to design a maze that features our Symbols of Liberty.  “We the People” from our Constitution, the Statue of Liberty, the American Bald Eagle and our beloved Liberty Bell.  The father of the Constitution, James Madison, lived at Montpelier, just a short way from our property, so we hope he and Dolley would have approved of our design.

Symbols of Liberty

Symbols of Liberty Maze Design

One Response to “The Corn Maze is planted!”

  1. September 20, 2010 at 1:55 pm, Galen said:

    Great Maze!!! Thanks for a great day…. Oh and the Tomatoes were explosive in our mouths….. We will be back….