Ranch Dressing

This is a great story from LocalHarvest.org for those of you already in our CSA and those of you who are considering joining!

“Last year I heard a true story that keeps coming back to me as much of the country approaches the beginning of the local fresh produce season. In this story, one mother is considering joining a CSA. She has heard, rightly, that she’s likely to receive many vegetables that will be new to her family. So she calls a friend who has been a CSA member for some time, and asks how their family has dealt with the expansion of their vegetable repertoire. “Easy,” says the friend. “If we don’t know what it is, first we fry it in a little butter. If that doesn’t work, we try it with a little Ranch dressing.'”

We will provide delicious, easy recipes each week, and if you check out the CSA Crop List , we think you will be familiar with almost everything we are growing for you, but in a pinch, there will always be Ranch Dressing!

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