V-Sabre featured in 2011 Maze Design

Mt. Rushmore, V-Sabre and Liberty Mills Farm

Aerial Photo by Bruce Southall

During our 2010 Maze Season, we held a friendly competition for the rights to have your Virginia college logo in our 2011 Maze.  It was close, but UVA alumni and students won the competition and now have a 150′ tall V-Sabre to explore in our 2011 Maze covering approximately 4,400 square feet, or one acre.

Central Virginia’s Largest Corn Maze also features Mt. Rushmore and the Liberty Mills Farm logo in our 2011 maze design.  The 20 acre Corn Maze has 6 miles of walking trails complete with puzzles and searches. All started with 840,000 kernals of corn planted in the ground….

The 2011 Maze will be open September 10-October 31, 2011.  Please join us for a farmtastic adventure!

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