Strawberry Fest is Today!

Please visit our Strawberry Fest page! Strawberry picking until the berries are gone for the day. Please remember no pets, alcohol  or smoking allowed on the farm at anytime. We hope to see you at the Farm!

Strawberry Picking Farm Rules

Only pick berries in your ASSIGNED row. If you need additional berries, ask to be assigned to a different row.

Do NOT step on the plastic or walk across it. This will weaken the plastic and may damage the irrigation tape.

No running between the rows. You can and will damage both plants and berries.

Younger children MUST be with a supervising adult or responsible older child at ALL times.

Pick all sizes of ripe berries, not just the large ones.

No pets or smoking allowed on the Farm at any time.

No bare feet.

Strawberry Picking!

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