Farm Fresh Popcorn!

You may have just received a cob of popcorn for Christmas and are wondering, “what do I do now?” Here is the answer! You can pop it right on the cob!

MICROWAVE: To pop, place your cob OR 1/4 cup Liberty Mills Farm jar popcorn in a brown paper bag, a slightly larger bag for the cob, and fold over the top of the bag (otherwise be prepared for a microwave full of popcorn!).

Popping the cob is fun and delicious!

Place paper bag in the microwave for  approximately 2 1/2 minutes depending on the strength of your microwave. When the popping slows, stop the microwave. Season as desired. Enjoy!

OTHER POPPING METHODS: Jar Popcorn can also be used in an Air Pop, Whirly Pop or on the stove top with a little oil in a large pan. Be sure to cover the pan while the corn is popping!

If you need more popcorn, you can find jars of popcorn at the Virginia Shop, Montpelier Gift Shop, Briarwood in Orange or contact us directly!


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