2018 Corn Maze Opens Saturday, September 8

CBS19 News. Jack Durkin. June 11, 2018

A look at how the East Coast’s largest corn maze gets built


ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) — At 33 acres, the corn maze at Liberty Mills Farm in Orange County has now become the largest maze east of the Mississippi River. The planning and design get done months before the first person walks through it in September.

This will be the ninth season of the corn maze at the Liberty Mills Farm. It has consistently grown since the beginning, going from 25 acres last season to 33 this year.

Due to the size, the owners hire an outside company to complete the maze. The Utah-based Maize Company braved 90-degree weather in early July to cut and navigate the designed maze.

July 9, 2018

July 9, 2018

It roughly takes six to eight hours to map out and cut a maze to fit the size of the location.

Brett Herbst founded The Maize Company 24 years ago.

“Once we kind of get the conceptual drawing done, then we start turning it into a maze adding paths and connecting everything so that traffic can flow through it,” he said.

The company completes more than 300 mazes throughout the United States, Canada and Europe each year. Liberty Mills will be the largest that it does.

This year’s maze will take on a different shape than what maze goers are used to. They like to create the design off of anniversaries, which this year is the anniversary of the debut of Jurassic Park 25 years ago.

“You may find a ‘maze-asaurus’ wandering through there at some point,” said co-owner of Liberty Mills, Kent Woods.

The half-hour, hour and two hour-long mazes will stay the same sizes while the mystery maze has been expanded.

The maze in Somerset, Virginia will open on Sept. 8 and close Nov. 11.

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