Corn Maze Calendar for 2018

The fullĀ 2018 Corn Maze Calendar is now posted! Make sure you check the date you are interested in visiting to make sure that we are open. In addition, we do need to close the maze for bad weather, so please check our website, Facebook Page an Twitter on the day of your visit to make sure we will be open. We want you to be able to complete the maze on the day you arrive, so please make sure to leave yourself enough time before the maze closes for the day. Please allow 2.5 hours for the hole punch maze, 1.5 hours for the trivia maze and 45 minutes for the story maze. This should give you plenty of time to get lost and still conquer each section of the maze! Come as early as you can if you want to try the Mystery Maze as there is no map, just your sense of direction and ingenuity!


September 2018

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