Information & Rules

Saturday, October 1, 201

Registration/Packet Pick-up: 7 a.m.

5K Maze Run: 8:00 a.m.

Directions: Please click here for directions to Liberty Mills Farm.

Parking: Free Field Parking is available to all participants.

First Aid: Medical Personnel will be located at the start/finish area. If you need assistance, please contact a volunteer or fellow runner for assistance.

Rules & Safety: The following must be followed by all participants:

  • Your race bib for the run must be worn on the outside of your clothing in order for you to be timed. The race bib identifies each participant. You must wear the number you are issued at Registration.
  • No strollers or baby joggers are allowed in the run.
  • No bicycles, unicycles, roller blades, heelys, skateboards, or ripsticks.
  • No pets are allowed on the Farm.
  • Walkers will walk a different portion of the maze and will begin once the last runner wave has left.
  • Obey race officials and yield to emergency personnel.
  • Cross Country short spikes will be allowed.
  • ipod/mp3/cd players may NOT be used during the Race.

Wave Starts

Runners – WAVE START AND TIMING SYSTEM. The 5K Run will utilize a Click Timing System. Race Bib MUST be visible to be timed. The 5K Run will have a wave start which will be clearly marked as you arrive to help get you in place for the 8:00 a.m. start.

  • Groups of 10, 1 minute apart.

Wave Start Details

What is a Wave Start?

A wave start consists of many staggered starts of small groups instead of one giant start for all participants.

Runners are placed in “waves” consisting of other runners of a similar pace. Each wave has its own start with a short “time cushion” between each wave. This ensures a much less congested race route and protects the corn maze.

In short, a wave creates a sager, more enjoyable experience for all participants.


Wave starts hae been implemented in a large number of road races during the past few years, with overwhelming success and praise from runners. What are the benefits of a wave start?

It’s Safer…

  • Density of runners on the course will be reduced allowing for running as well as easier access for race officials and medical personnel.

It’s More Fun…

  • Runners will participate in groups of others with similar paces.
  • Each wave will have its own start, creating many smaller races instead of one large one.
  • Participants are able to run freely, full stride from start to finish without dealing with the congestion of a large race.

Wave Start Requirements

What does this mean for you?

Registration Process….

Estimated 5K times are VERY important. Please be as accurate as possible when submitting your estimated race time. Walk-up registrants will be placed in the later waves. Please note, the race course closes at 11:00 a.m.

Because of the details involved, we ask you to register as early as possible in order to facilitate wave placements. If you are running with a friend who has a different time, please not this on your registration form. You will be placed in the SLOWER wave.

Race day…Please arrive at the starting area early. You must line up in your correct wave. You will not be allowed to run in a faster wave than you are assigned to, but you may move back to another wave if you wish to participate with a friend. There will be wave volunteers enforcing the integrity of the wave start.