Q:  What should I wear to the farm?

A:  We highly recommend you wear closed-toe shoes or sneakers that you don’t mind getting dirty. Bare feet are not permitted on the farm. Remember that you will be in a farm atmosphere and should dress appropriately for the best experience. Be sure to remember the sunscreen and bug spray! No pets, smoking or alcohol are allowed on the farm at any time.  

Q:  Are there restrooms?

A:  Portable Bathrooms are available at the farm during Strawberry Fest and the Corn Maze Season.

Q:  Can I bring my pet?
A:  Sorry, pets are not allowed on the farm at any time. 

Q:  Do you take credit card?

A:  We are now able to process your credit card utilizing Square. We still have dead zones without a wireless signal, so we thank you ahead of time while we do the wireless “dance”!

Q: Do you have other items for sale?

A: We grow and sell our own popcorn and have a Farm Market complete with honey,  jams and salsas, African Market Baskets, hand crafted items, Forrest Green spices and teas, Harvest Hollow meats, snacks and much more! On weekends we may also be making our homemade ice cream. Pumpkin during Corn Maze season!

Q:  What else do I need to know?
A:  No pets, smoking or alcohol are allowed on the farm at any time.  We are a working farm with some unpaved, uneven surfaced paths.  Strollers and wagons can be brought on the premises and used in the maze, but the ground (like any farm) can be bumpy in spots.

Corn Maze Questions & Answers

Q. How much are maze ticket prices?

A. Weekend ticket prices are $12 per person for daytime maze admission. Ages 4 and under are always free for the maze. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are weekend pricing. Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are $10 per person.

Flashlight Maze Admission is $14 per person for ages 5 and up, 4 and under are free. A working flashlight is required for admission to the flashlight maze. A cell phone app is not acceptable. No exceptions. Flashlight mazes are only held on Saturday evenings. The Mystery Maze is not open for the flashlight maze.

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Q. How long does it take to go through the maze?

A. The maze is divided into four sections. Liberty Mills Farm is easy and takes 30 minutes to complete the maze and reach all the story stations. The trivia portion of our maze usually takes 45 minutes-1 hour to find all the trivia questions and complete the maze and the Navy signal flag section of our maze will take 2-3 hours to locate all 21 flags and navigate the maze. The fourth maze? You are on your own without a map, so your guess is as good as ours as to how long it will take you to find your way out! As with any puzzle, some people solve them faster and some take more time. It also depends on the size of your group!

Q:  Will the corn maze be open if it’s raining?
A:  We will be open if it is a light drizzle. If it’s raining hard we will usually be closed and will definitely be closed if it is lightening.  Check our Facebook site or call our hotline, 434.882.MAZE, to verify that we are open. We sometimes need to close at a moments notice when the weather changes quickly and the conditions become unsafe for guests and/or employees. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience, but the safety of our guests and employees is our highest priority.

Q. My child is very responsible. Are they allowed to do the maze on their own?
A.  Our maze is large…34 acres with over 10 miles of paths and can be frightening and disorienting at times….even for adults! Children under 16 MUST be accompanied in the maze by an adult (age 21 or older). Unaccompanied children will be assisted out of the maze to wait for their adult at the exit.

Q. Can I purchase food and beverages on the farm?
A. Yes – starting September 26, 2020. We will have the Firefly Food Truck on site on Saturdays and Sundays.  We have homemade ice cream,  farm grown popcorn, kettle corn, homemade fudge, snacks, bottled water and Gatorade for purchase at the farm during corn maze season. Picnic tables are provided and you are welcome to bring your own picnic. There are also many great lunch and dinner places in the area including the Barbeque Exchange in Gordonsville. If you are heading in a different direction, please check with us for recommendations! 

Q:  My friends and I want to bring alcohol with us. Is it allowed?
A:  Alcohol is NOT permitted on the property at any time. Violators will be asked to leave the property immediately with no refund. If a violator does not exit the property, authorities will be called. This rule is strictly enforced.

Q:  May I use a drone on the Farm?

A:  Drone usage is ONLY allowed with PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM THE FARM OWNERS. Please contact us 48 hours prior to your visit to request permission. You may email us at


Strawberry You Pick Questions & Answers

Q: Why can we only pick from the row that we are assigned?

A: We, as farmers, need to know where people have already picked, so we know what needs to be picked next. We also want to be fair to other pickers. Would you be happy being assigned a row that someone else had picked all the premium berries and left only the smaller ones? If there aren’t enough berries in the row that you are assigned, just ask and we will move you and your group to another row.

Q: Why can’t we step on the plastic or walk across it?

A: Stepping or walking on the plastic will damage the plastic which can promote weed growth and you may damage the drip irrigation tube under the plastic which supplies water to the plants.

Q: Why are there strawberry plants in between the rows of plants?

A: Strawberry plants create runners. You can treat them chemically to reduce runner production, but our choice is to not treat the plants with any chemicals, so step carefully and look ahead of you, sometimes you will find delicious berries underfoot!

Q: Do you spray the strawberry plants?

A: We have chosen not to spray our strawberry plants. This results in lower production yield of berries, but we think you can taste the difference and we feel good about selling you a chemical free product.

Q: Why do you sell strawberries by the box?

A: Selling berries by the box enables you to know exactly how much you will be spending ahead of time. Our prices are competitive with other berry farms and while you are permitted to fill your box up, we ask that you not get carried away with overages. If they start rolling out of your box….chances are the box is full and you may be charged extra.

Q: How many berries can I eat in the field?

A: We know that you will try our berries in the field (and you can, because we don’t spray), we ask that you keep your field tasting to a minimum and put the berries that you pick in your box. Too many berries eaten in the field will only lead to higher prices for everyone.

Q: Why do you have inconsistent hours for picking?

A: We would love to have strawberries available 24/7, but the plants and Mother Nature always want to be in control. Once picked, plants need 1-2 days to ripen additional berries. We do our best to communicate, but understand that sometimes we may say we are open, but you will arrive and we will be closed. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and hope you will visit us again.