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Pumpkin Patch

Our Pick your own Pumpkin Patch is located on a scenic hill in Orange County with panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and neighboring farms. Find your perfect pumpkin directly in the patch and cut it from it's vine!

Open September 23, 2023

Pumpkin Picking Etiquette


For your convenience, we have wheelbarrows for use.

Wheelbarrows are not a safe mode of transportation for children.

Return wheelbarrow to the Pumpkin Patch entry or Farm Market.

 Please do not leave wheelbarrows in the parking area.



Pumpkins grow on vines and make excellent trip hazzards - please be safe and walk, do not run in the patch.

Do not cut to compare pumpkins. Take a picture -

we want everyone to have their own experience of cutting a pumpkin from a vine.



Pumpkins are a fruit and bruise easily. Do not kick, throw or

 roll the pumpkins. You break it - you buy it.


Use clippers or a knife to cut the stem, do not pull or break it off from the vine.

Do not leave cut pumpkins in the patch, please bring to the market. 

Spiders have been known to hide under the pumpkins and squash.

Roll the pumpkin gently to the side before cutting the pumpkin.


Carry the pumpkin by the bottom, not the stem, as it could break off.


If you need assistance moving your pumpkin, please let a staff member know. We are happy to help you!


Please report any bad or disruptive behavior.

After making your selection, take the pumpkin to the market for it to be weighed and to pay before taking it home to enjoy.

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