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Corn Maze

Story Maze

The first trail takes about 30 minutes to find all our story stations and navigate the paths. 

Trivia Maze

Our medium level maze offers great trivia based on the theme of the year and takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete. 

Hole Punch


It may take you 2-3 hours to find all 21 stations and punch your card, but the satisfaction you have from navigating our longest maze and finding your way out (and finding the ice cream) is  farmtastic fun!

Mystery Maze

Our final maze level is our Mystery Maze. No maps here to guide you, you are on your own with your sense of adventure and ability to reason! Times vary greatly, but we recommend saving a minimum of one hour! 

Amazing Adventure Awaits!

We may be the largest maze in the entire country, but don't worry....we divide our maze into four separate trails so there is a trail for everyone,

no matter your age or ability!

4 separate trails to explore

Our Corn Maze opens for the season on Saturday, September 9, 2023

Please check the Calendar to Plan your Visit.

Corn Maze Questions and Answers

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