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Strawberry Season

Due to a number of factors, including our physical wellness and unpredictable spring weather,

 we have made the difficult decision of not planting any

additional strawberry plants in 2024.


We plan on having a limited supply of 

pre-picked strawberries available for you as our remaining strawberries ripen.

We will, however, continue to celebrate the season with our


Saturday, May 25, 2024

Stay tuned for details and thank you for your continued support of our

efforts to provide you with access to a working farm and a

place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Visit us for flower picking this summer

and for our Corn Maze in September!


Our Farm Market is stocked with all types
of other goodies, including fresh fudge

and homemade ice cream!


We look forward to your visit!


What is the difference between store bought strawberries and Liberty Mills Farm strawberries?  Taste!

We choose to grow the best tasting strawberries - not ones that are great for shipping. We also know it's important to you that if we use any chemicals, that we let you know. Currently, our strawberries remain free of pesticides and herbicides, making them both delicious AND healthy for you!

CHECK-IN with Staff upon your arrival

You MUST check in at the Farm Market (red barn) OR outside white tent prior to entering the strawberry field. We will provide you with picking instructions and a container to use for your visit. 


Pricing is determined at the time the strawberries begin to ripen and is dependent on the crop as well as other factors.

What to WEAR

Please remember that strawberries grow in a field and the field conditions may be uneven and will be muddy after a rain.  Old shoes and old clothing are ideal for Strawberry picking – and so are fashionable rain boots!!  Sunscreen, hats and water are highly recommended as the sun shines brightly on our patch.



Pets, smoking and alcohol are not allowed on the farm at any time. 


Our crops are very weather dependent, so please monitor our Facebook page or call 434-882-6293 for updates.

We hope you will  join us at Liberty Mills Farm for a farmtastic adventure and delicious strawberries!

Strawberry Fest
Saturday, May 25, 2024
9:30 am - 3 pm

 Held annually on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.

Enjoy the fruit of the season around which this Fest is focused …

luscious red, delicious strawberries!


Sample everything strawberry from strawberry sundaes

(made with farm fresh ice cream) to strawberry salsa, strawberry lemonade and so much more.


Visit with local vendors and participate in fun contests including a

Berry Best Dressed Baby Contest!

  • When are you open?
    Our hours vary by season and weather. Please click here for current hours and links to our calendar.
  • Are pets allowed on the farm?
    Pets are not allowed on the farm. Thank you for your cooperation. and understanding.
  • Where should we park?
    Parking varies by season. Please watch for and pay careful attention to parking signage when you enter the farm.
  • What should I wear?
    We recommend closed-toe shoes/boots that clean easily and clothing for your outdoor adventure. Please keep in mind that for your safety, you are not allowed to be barefoot anywhere on the farm.
  • Can we bring our own food to the farm?
    Yes, you may bring your own picnic with you, but please also consider supporting us and our local vendors whenever possible. During events, Just Dogs and Catering is usually onsite with delicious hot dogs and burgers. They are quick AND delicious! We make and sell our own ice cream and fudge that is for sale in the Farm Market. Additional food vendors are often available on busier days. Check social media and our website event pages for more information.
  • Does Liberty Mills Farm have restrooms?
    Portable bathrooms are available at the farm during events and the you pick season. The bathrooms are professionally cleaned a minimum of once weekly and on busy weekends are checked and sanitized hourly.
  • What types of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash and credit/debit. Apple pay is available. Because of our location, WiFi does not always work immediately. Please be patient as we process payments.
  • Will I get lost in the Corn Maze?
    Yes! But, that's half the fun. Our maps, staff and signage will help you out, including our low-tech, highly effective panic buttons.
  • How long will the Corn Maze take to complete?
    Please visit our Corn Maze page for information on all four trails and estimated times.
  • Is your farm handicapped accessible?
    Yes. Please check with us for details. Many guests have completed either a portion or the whole maze in a wheelchair. We do highly recommend, all-terrain wheelchairs for your best experience.

Strawberry  Hints
and Tips

Picking Strawberries

Strawberries last longer when they are picked and handled with care. Berries bruise easily and discolor when they are not handled gently.

Choose strawberries that are completely red (both sides) or deep red with some white at the top as strawberries do not ripen once they have been harvested.

1. Kneel down and part the leaves gently with your hands to look for strawberries.

2. Pick berries that are fully red or have minimal white on them - be sure to look at      both sides of the berry before picking it.

3. Grasp the stem above the berry between your fingers and snap the stem.

4. With the stem broken, gently put the strawberry in your palm.

5. Place the berry carefully into your container - do not toss or throw.

Be careful to not overfill your container or try to pack them down. Doing so will damage the berries.  Likewise, be careful that your feet and knees do not damage plants or fruit while picking and you stay on the grass between the rows.

Keeping Strawberries Fresh

We grow our strawberries for taste, not for shipping, so it is BEST to process and eat them as soon as possible - we recommend 24 hours. To keep them fresh for as long as possible:

1. Store them in the refrigerator (for the best taste, bring them back to room                 temperature before eating them).

2. Choose a storage container that allows airflow.

3. IMPORTANT:  Do NOT wash the berries until right before you eat them. 

Freezing Strawberries


1. Remove the stems and caps.

2. Rinse the berries carefully - never soak.

3. Flash Freeze the berries individually in a single layer on cookie sheets.

4. After the berries are frozen, place them into freezer bags to eat or process later.


Visit for more tips, including how to freeze using a dry-sugar or syrup pack - it's easy and delicious and you can control how much sugar you use.

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