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Blooms & Butterflies
July 23 - 24 - 25
10 am - 3 pm

Pick your own flowers!

Wander the flower fields, pick a beautiful bucket or bouquet of flowers

and then RELEASE your butterfly into nature.

You-Pick Flowers

Butterfly Release

Music by Billy Caldwell

Firefly on the Fly Food Truck

Hay Wagon Rides

Outdoor Activity Area

Farm Market


Each & every flower is unique and lovely! There are many different colors, sizes and shapes that you will see when you enter the flower field.


Pricing is by the bouquet or by the bucket. When purchased in advance on Ticketspice, you can add on the you-pick bucket for $25.00 plus tax.  If you purchase the bucket at the farm, the price will be $30.00 plus tax.


Each bouquet will be $15.00 plus tax in advance, or $20.00 at the farm. If you purchase the Flower Bucket or Bouquet on Ticketspice, you will be given a ticket upon arrival to redeem your bucket at the water stand before you head out to the flower field. You may pay for your blooms inside the Farm Market after you pick them in the field.


Make sure BEFORE you pick your flowers to get your bucket or jar filled with water, so your flowers will stay vibrant and fresh while you pick.


Please sign-out a pair of cutters when you are at the station and be sure to return them when exiting the field.


You are able to walk to the Flower Fields as they are conveniently located outside the Farm Market. 


While picking the flowers, please respect the field and do not step on the flowers.


Cutting the stems where the stem branches off will promote more growth for that stem. Prior to cutting, check the stem to make sure it is firm, this means it is mature and will last longer in your arrangements. 


When traveling home, keep your flowers cool and out of direct sun in the car. If you need to stop, take them with you or find a shady place to park.



We LOVE seeing your beautiful arrangements and photos. Be sure to tag us on social media!







The butterflies we will have available will be Painted Ladies from a small butterfly farm in Massachusetts called Butterflies and Blueberries.


They are the most widely distributed butterfly in the world. Painted Lady adults can cover up to 100 miles per day & reach a speed of nearly 30 miles per hour.


Butterflies will be available for our Blooms and Butterflies event on Saturday July 24 and Sunday July 25. You will need to reserve your butterfly by July 15th for the next weekend. Each butterfly is $10.


Think new and fresh when you see any red spots on the envelopes. This is a sign of brand new butterflies. The red liquid is meconium. It is excess fluid that was not used during wing formation.


Upon arriving at the farm and checking-in, you will receive a ticket to redeem your butterfly at the Farm Market entrance. 


You are welcome to release your butterfly at your leisure, or join in releasing your buttery during our joint release time at 12 noon on Saturday and Sunday.


Blooms & Butterflies
July 23-24-25
10 am - 3 pm

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